Vacation Rental Bed Linens | Bed Sheets + Pillowcases

It is important to note that not all sheets are created equally.  At My Rental Supply we recognize and understand the differences between Retail sheet sets and Hospitality sheeting options as the hospitality marketplace is the only sector that we service. Our sheeting options are specifically engineered for the Hospitality segment. Below are some important things to note that differentiate Retail and Hospitality grade linens.

1).  Thread not be fooled by high thread counts found in retail outlets. Many of these high thread counts are in fact what is known as double or triple pick constructions that utilize plied yarns. These imbalanced constructions can often lead to problems like excessive shrinkage and pilling with frequent and prolonged use. Our sheets are manufactured utilizing single count ring-spun yarns in 200 and 250 thread counts that are engineered for comfort and problem free performance within the Hospitality segment.

2). Sizing: It is important to note that Retail sheet offerings are smaller sizes than those offered in the Hospitality marketplace. Hospitality sheets are wider and longer and are fabricated that way to ensure fit after multiple launderings.

3). Fiber Content: Many retail sheet ensembles are 100% cotton in varying constructions. At my rental Supply we feel that a blended sheet is the best option for comfort, strength, shrinkage control and product longevity. Our cotton rich 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester provides the perfect balance between comfort and performance without compromising guest satisfaction.