Mattress Encasements for your Rental Property

If you are looking to promote better reviews of your rental the best way to achieve this goal is to prevent any unfortunate occurrences. Prevention promotes peace of mind for your guests. If your mattress is brand new, using our encasement's is a proactive measure to prevent the staining and possible infestation of your investment. By using one of our True Essentials® encasements you will create a healthy sleeping environment free of dust mites, allergens and of course bed bugs.

If you have experienced an infestation and your mattress has been thoroughly cleaned and deemed bed bug free, our mattress encasements ensure that your mattress will remain so and prevent re-infestation. Other features include:

o    Water/Fluid Resistant membrane

o    100% Stretch Knit Polyester with a TPU coating

o    Over locked Seams

o    Available to fit 9 and 12 " mattresses